This time there is a huge opportunity to change Europe and the way we do politics in Europe.

‌Old parties are breaking up, new alliances are being formed. For sure anti-European forces will grow in the European Parliament.

But we should be careful not to fall in the trap of those that want to make this the campaign about being for or against Europe, as a single choice between Emmanuel Macron or Viktor Orbán. As if there is no choice but to defend only the current EU.

I will not accept that. We as Greens have a plan for a better Europe. A Europe that delivers for all its people.


Together with Bas we will change Europe.

  • A Europe that invests in people.
  • A Europe where trade and internal market are not a goal in itself but an instrument to create a social, clean and prosperous Europe where everyone can thrive.
  • A Europe that taxes the polluters and pollutants and lets multinationals pay their fair share.

More and more Europeans are tired of the old politics. Take the fight against climate change. Other political parties keep on saying that it is so important to cut back on carbon emissions, but they fail to act time and time again.

I have many years of experience in climate policy, both in the European Parliament and in all UN Climate Summits - from Copenhagen via Paris to Katowice. I spoke with Al Gore in Berlin, gave advice on the ground breaking Dutch climate law.

With great pride I have been part of recent electoral successes of GroenLinks, of my dear friend and colleague Jesse Klaver. We did that thanks to campaigns where we stuck to our own story.

A positive story of change, a story of attacking tax haven Netherlands, a story against the Dutch obsession with austerity. But also a story of pride, a story for a united Europe of tolerance and diversity.

In the Netherlands we are now the biggest left wing party because of that.

I am convinced that the Greens have the potential to grow in many more European countries. And I am ready to lead that potential.